1. Penn Franklin signs his fate. #WeMissYouJames


  2. The Grand Canyon is a glorified crack in the ground to James Franklin. #FearlessFranklin


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  4. Franklin goin’ for (black and) gold. #FiredUpFranklin 


  5. Sneaky James loves a nice prank. #JamesHalpert


  6. James Franklin was also quite inspirational when he was a buxom French woman. Liberté, égalité, fraternities. 

    -via submission


  7. In the final moments of the Last Supper, Franklin finally convinces Jesus to perform a miracle for the Commodores. #VandyGeorgiaGame2K13


  8. Mandela released, Franklin is pleased. #JubilantJames


  9. Benjamin James Franklin discovers electricity, forever defining what it means to be a “game changer.” 

    -via submission


  10. "Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, and as well as it can be done." - The Commodore Creed
    BUT THAT’S JUST GROSS. - James Franklin, who, prior to this incident, encouraged carbo-loading.